All our retail vehicles include 1 month or 1,000 miles driver warranty. (whichever is sooner)

This can be extended at an additional cost.
(Part exchange to clear vehicles excluded)

The following mechanical or electrical items are covered.

The rocker assembly, including hydraulic followers, inlet and exhaust valves (not burnt valves), springs and guides, cylinder heads (not cracks and de-coking), cylinder head gaskets (except skim) push rods, camshaft and followers, timing gears and chains (excluding tensioner) oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinderbores, con rods, gudgeon pins and bearings, inlet manifold, flywheel and ring gear.

Manual Gearbox:
Internal gears, synchromesh hubs, selectors, shafts, bearings and bushes and transfer gears.

Automatic gears:
Internal shafts, gears, clutches, brake pads, valve block, governor, oil pump, bearings and bushes, servo, drive plate and transfer gears.

Brake master cylinder.

Centre plate, pressure plate, release bearing, oil contamination (centre plate only) and master and slave cylinders.

Internal crown wheel and pinion, gears, shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers and spacers.

Front-wheel Drive:
Drive shafts, including constant velocity joints, universal joints and couplings (not gaiters).

Rear-wheel Drive:
Half Shafts

Engine Cooling System
Water pump.

Electrical System
Starter motor and alternator.